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Sooo yesterday I tried the KEF M500 in a store and was amazed by the sound reproduction. I wish I could have had more time to tried it and had my HD600 to make a full comparison so now I can't keep thinking about getting the M500. As long as I remember, they extended really well and sounded very sweet. Also, the bass was superior to the HD600 if my memory serves me well.

I am not sure if they stand well against the HD600 or I was just liking it too much. Not sure which one I prefer though.


Does anybody here had a chance to try both of them or own them?. I am seriously considering selling my HD600+O2/ODAC to fund the M500 plus some portable amp maybe. The portable is a plus but I don't wanna sacrifice much sound quality. Obviously I know that I would lack the soundstage and airy feeling of the HD600.

Especially, how does the "extension", vocals and treble compare?.


PLease tell me what you think.


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