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Hi all,


I am thinking of buying a pair of Adam A7x or A5x. Currently I listen only to headphones, mainly HD800 and HD650 and I am very pleased, but I recently listen to a expensive pair of speakers I cannot afford (not even want to ask the brand, but the price was +30k Eur for the chain) in the audio store I use to go, and was impressed by the live like presentation (far away from the headphone experience).


What I want to know is:


1) First, could a pair of relatively inexpensive A7x compare to the sound quality of the Sennheiser HD800?


2) Second, for a small room (16 square meters), could I get a somehow "live like" experience from such active speakers?


I do not mix or produce anything, if I buy them it will be only to listen to music, and probably playing movies from time to time.


Thanks in advance for your asnwers,