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Anyone here bought a functional ie8 cable from Sennheiser this year? I recently bought a pair directly from Sennheiser's website and the left channel doesn't work. I called them for another replacement and it has the same problem. Now you might think 2 new genuine cable means my left earphone is broken right? The left earphone still works fine with my stock cable. There's something funny about the 2nd replacement cable, the left channel work with my right earphone. I don't know how many people notice this but, normally no sound will come out if you plug in L&R to right and left earphone. The fact that sound came out the right earphone with the left cable means the cable was designed to work with the right earphone only. I would not be surprised if the 1st replacement cable was like this too. In my experience the left audio goes out first. Is Sennheiser trying to put a fast one on me to get me to buy a new earphone? or Is this by chance a bad batch?


I hope Sennheiser CS isn't difficult to deal with and could get me another replacement or refund.:mad: