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Low to mid priced IEMs.

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Hello everyone,

I've done my fair share of lurking around here and purchased my first headphones with the help of guides and threads (AKG Q701 with Xonar STX). For Christmas, I received a Fiio e17, which I really don't need since I leave my Q701s at my desk, so I figured I'd invest in some IEMs for on the go rather than go through the hassle of returning the Fiio. I really like the sound stage of the q701s, but hopefully can get a little more bass - not overbearing, but at least noticeable lol. I'm looking in the $150 range and would like something that requires the use of the e17 so it doesn't go to waste. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated - thanks!
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Westone would have been perfect for you especially with the fiio e17 and its bass boost. They were $150 on amazon, but now cost $250. Keep track on them to see if they lower again. They don't have the most powerful bass, but they do have fantastic soundstage and incredible instrument separation. Also, with the e17 you should get plenty of bass out of them. I also feel they have great extension on the highs.

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Westone IEMs are very efficient and easy to drive. They really don't need an amp. In fact, I've had issues with some amps over-driving with the Westones and causing clipping.
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