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I have KNS 8400 for one and a half year.
They are amazing, I don't realy have them much to compare to
(previously I'v been using headphones that came with cheap phone).
They sound great but feel build cheap.
I'v ben using them from 4 to 12 hours per day, almost every day, when cleaning the house, exercising, jumping on trampoline, lightly headbanging, but they never drop on the ground, I didn't allowed anyone to touch them.

Few days ago sound began to interrupt in the right speaker every time I moved.
Now most of the time there is no sound i the right speaker.
I'm so mad, I thought they gone last me for few years, 
that I'll record with them in future (I'm plannig to make beedroom studio).

So I need new headphones. I'm plannig to buy KRK Rokit's 5 G3,
so I need realy good headphones, but not crazy expensive, around 150-200$.

Reviews said that the KNS 8400 are sounding like KRK Exposé,
so I'm not shure how there can be better sounding headphones,
but they need to be more solid, last for years, maybe have longer warranty,
I'm asking for recommendations.

Very sorry for my poor english.