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I want a pair of iem's and i have found a few good ones. My budget was around $40, but a lot of people are saying the AHC300 and the Woodoo 2 are great. I am a huge bass head, but i need clarity as well in the mids and highs. Both have great reviews and sound perfect for me, but i just dont know which is better or what their differences are. One example of the reviews is of the Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2- You can find many Denon reviews too. Also, i am open to any other recommendations preferably cheaper than $60, my real budget is like $40, but if they are absolutely amazing i can possibly push to $80. Oh, and what about the JVC HA-FX3X? Those also have shining reviews and sound great for me too, and i can get them for only $22! Thats way better than $80 or even $40, so what about those JVC's?


Any help and feedback is very greatly appreciated. Happy New Years everyone!:gs1000smile: