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Thought I would introduce myself.  I started out originally with a pair or Shure SCL3's that, after the cable broke, was replaced with a pair of SE425s.  Now those are broken (my fault, sending into repair) and are replaced with Westone W4Rs (in transit from earphone  Very much looking forward to learning the scene!

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No one? Well, i'll do it.


Welcome to head-fi! And sorry about your wallet. :D



On another note, any cables can last years if taken cared of properly. Never stress any part of the cable. (That means no wrapping it around any devices, and not bending any part of the cable sharply).


Hope you enjoy your new iems.

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hiya, welcome to head fi.

If an iem lasts for 2 years, I am satisfied. After trying out few models from sony, philips, creative and crappy bose, I am happily settled with sennheiser cx series (I have cx 400 II and 550 now, previously had cx 300 II).

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