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Amp for KEF R300

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Hi, I am interested in KEF R300 shelf speakers. I want to know which amp can drive it well? Now I am interested in Rega brio or Osiris. I am using Rega Isis. Thanks a lot!

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The Osiris is pushing $10k while the Brio is around $1k. What's your budget?

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I know there is big difference of price between Osiris and brio. I can afford both. But as you know Osiris is over 20kg for weight. If brio can drive KEF R300 well that would be better. Or any other amps advice? Is there anyone use Osiris to drive KEF speakers? I can't find any post of Rega driving KEF. 

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Well, according to this power calculator, you should be able to get about 97 dB SPL if sitting 3 m from your R300's given their supplied sensitivity and a headroom of 3 dB. That's pretty damn loud. The Brio-R will net you about 92 dB SPL. So it will still play loud enough for the neighbors to complain.


Between about $5k - $10k, you have plenty of choices for reference-level solid state integrateds besides the Osiris that will be more than a match for the R300's. Ayre's AX-5 (which I own and can vouch for, $9950) comes to mind. So do Pass Labs' INT-150 ($7150), the Devialet 110 (€4990), Hegel H300 ($5500), and Simaudio's Moon Evolution 600i ($8000). I've listened to Hegel separates (P30 / H30) at an audio show played through Raidho D-1's - superb performance top to bottom. I've also listened to Simaudio's previous generation reference separates P-7 / W-7 through the Magico Q5 - the setup exuded an exceptionally clean, effortless quality though perhaps at the cost of musicality. There are of course, many other amps that can and should be added to the list.


At the lower end of the price spectrum you'll probably find the sweet spot for price / performance. You can follow the link below for more suggestions:



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