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new member and new in earphones

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Hi my name is mobiusOne

i started liking earphones to relieve stress in work, where with earphones i can find my peace and solitude.

i started with sound magic E10 IEM, cheap around 20 US dollars maybe (cant remember), sounds nice but i've tested better earphones.

My brother have sony MDR-V300, which is very good (pardon my oppinion, i'm still new to audio stuf).

so i've got some extra money and i'm thinking of getting a new earphone.

any sugestions on earphone thats under 100-200 dollars?

i'm thinking of zero audio carbo tenore, any oppinion? 

or yamaha eph-100?

thank you before for any help.

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Have you checked the buying guide that is linked on the first page of this thread?


Beyond that:


Are you OK with open cans (they leak sound and don't isolate well)?


What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?


What is the format of your music and other sounds you will putting into these cans?


Describe the sound signature that you are seeking?


If you don't know your preferred sound signature (and even if you do), what genres of music do you plan to run through these cans?


Do you plan to use them outside your home?  If so, in what way & with what equipment?

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Thank you KG Jag.

I'm sorry for my late response. I just visited this forum again.

I've read the buying guide and its very good guide.

answering your questions.

i prefer iem, because i will travel (one work place to another) a lot in my work daily and sometimes in my break time i listen to music.

i don't want to use an amp, less things to bring in traveling is better.

i'm trying to find the best format for my songs, lossless flac or 320kbps mp3.

the sound signature i prefer is neutral, and the genre is variable, mainly classic rock (queen, santana etc) to something more new like john mayer.

i prefer to use iem in any chance i have, i use notebook while working, so i listen my music from my notebook.

i'm also researching portable music player, but that's another problem.


as i have some free time, i reading through the forum more carefully, so i don't make not needed posting mistake like before.

so much information in this forum, and very useful.

from the guide you pointed there is much to see and research.


best regards and thank you again KG Jag for your kind response.

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Read up on the Fischer DBA-02 and Brainwavz B2, particularly on how they sound with different eartips.

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