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Need help choosing between a Portable

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Hey guys,

I recently just bought the DUNU DN-1000 and since my last Ipod Nano 6G broke and the DN-1000 doesnt pair well with my HTC One. I am considering buying a new portable for it. 

Things I consider:

1. Light weighted

2. Decent SQ

3. Good UI


I am thinking of the new Ipod nano 7G but a lot people are recommending the X3 or C3. I personally think the X3 is too heavy for me and the UI doesn't seem to be good. However, I also heard the SQ is slightly better? Do u guys think the SQ of the X3 is worth getting despite of its weight and poorer UI compared to the nano 7G? Considering I will not be listening to FLAC/ALAC (Maybe a few tracks, but not all), will it make a big difference in SQ? What about nano paring with E6 amp? will the SQ improve ? 


Thanks guys.

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It would be recommended to move away from the mainstream players if you want to extract the most from your Dunu which scale up well. The downside is as you mentioned in leaning for better sound quality you move to less admirable UI. I pair my Dunu with either Colorfly C3 or hisound Rocco BA and they both work great, so of course my preference is always for sound and C3 will do more than enough, (it really does sound good) it actually sounds very clear and well separated. If not don't count out the Sansa Clip with Rockbox installed as I mentioned in the Dunu thread, if not then maybe one of the Sony walkmans.

You may notice I didn't mention X3, and that's because I haven't heard one. ;-) however you can see the other sources I've owned/own on my profile for some reassurance, what I've mentioned works well with your Dunu. Also ask some members in the X3 thread if anyone's tried it with the Dunu.
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Yep. H20 pretty much nailed it. May as well close it up :)

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Thanks H20! Is there really a notable difference in the SQ especially to untrained ears like mine? I do hear quite some differences between listening with my laptop and HTC One and Ipod nano 5G which im using now. Sorry i haven't heard any portables beside ipods..the C3 does look pretty nice tho..how is its UI? and is it heavy? do u use an amp with it paring with the DN1000?



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How is it compared to the dx50? also are u guys looking forward to the FiiO X1? Do any of u know when is its release?

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