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Littledot site is down?

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Hey! I'm wondering if the littledot site is working for you guys? I were going to order an amp from them in jan - feb but it's worrying me abit that it's down.


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Didn't pay their server provider. Believe it or not, it does happen really often with small websites. Wait a few days. 

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I was wondering this myself and it also makes me worry about buying from them. I just started looking into LD amps today so I do not know anything about their equipment yet but the Mark VI sure looks pretty nice, and I understand that it is not too warm too, which I think is what I am looking for.

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@squallkiercosa Ye hopefully it will up soon.


@Rayzilla Yea, imo I think it is really good stuff, I bought an mk3 a while ago. Great customer service and fast shipping even tho it was international. :)

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Ok doesn't have to worry. They are working on the site and I just ordered an amp from them so it's ok :) Probably will be up in a few days again!

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I ordered a MKIII from them a week ago (through eBay) and it came in today, which was weeks faster than anticipated.

Personally, I wouldn't let my purchase decision be influenced by the availability of their website. David still responds very quickly to questions by e-mail and their service is still top-notch.


Like squallkiercosa said, it is probably simply a matter of forgetting to pay their service provider.

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