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For Trade:
Emotiva Mini-x a-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier (1/4 jack modd)

Will Ship To: CONUS


all of the pics front and back (Click to show)










You wont have to buy a cable adapter for the back of it and have to wait 2 weeks for it to be shipped to you. There is a very sturdy 1/4 inch plug adapter modded right into the front of the amp that works PERFECT when you plug a headphone right into it. It was made with mogami cable, spades and care. I have not put the amp to real use since I have gotten it. I used it for a very short time with an lcd2 and can't really use it with my dynamic hp's because it is too strong. I was keeping it to use with an he5le but have decided to go for a fostex th 600 instead. This thing is in wonderful condition. Just plug and listen for yourself.


edit: just moved it and slightly scratched the corner. before that it was in perfectly mint condition. only cosmetic scratch. 


- You also can use whatever adapter you want to because the banana jacks in the back will still work as long as you don't plug in two headphones at the same time.

- This mod was risk free and worked perfectly and will make it easier for you to use without the hassle of trying to be careful with thin and fragile wiring of banana plugs.

- If you bought one and bought fragile cables it would be close to the same cost... not to mention more if you tried to get mogami cables as an adapter terminated to banana plugs.


modd would cost you 90 bucks from the person who modded it from me...but I don't think he is modding them but would rather pass on the know how.


will trade for a German maestro gmp 8.35d, tube amp that is easy to roll (not aune t1) little dots etc, ifi I Can, fiio x3,

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