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Hi All,


Looking for some input. I want to finalise my collection with a good bass headphone.


After reading a lot I came to these final two.


Beyerdynamic 770 pro 80 ohm

downside: already have the DT770 premium, could be trebly, no case included?

upside: good reputation, comfy, can find secondhand


M Audio Q40

downside: with extras(pads,cable and shipping) quite pricey, almost out of production

Upside: Quite good reputation as ultimate bassheadhone, not trebly at all.



What fell by the wayside:

The Audiotechnica Pro700 v2: Seems like the Q40, but more expensive.

Teh Vmoda M100. Quite expensive. Even though I can get it for 212€


So hope you guys can help me decide.

Is teh DT770 pro really a great bassheadphone and would it be really different to my DT770 premium.

Or is the Q40 my choice.