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What to get for a basshead?

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I have the Sennheiser HD335 and while they sound nice and clean, I realize I'm missing any kind of omph I am looking for. I listen to a lot of Skrillex and Deadmau5, along with the fair amount of hip hop. These earphones don't really kick my face in like I want. I tried my brothers Skullcandy Titans, which are in the ear type, and they seem not only louder, but more of a kick. I prefer over the ears, and need earphones that will shatter my ear drums. I don't really care about highs or mids, as long as I can ear everything on max settings and feel discomfort from all the sounds being rushed to my ear drums. I wanna keep it under $350. I was looking at the Pioneer HDJ-2000 but I'm not sure if they'll provide what I need.


Also, the devices I use are my AsusV500C laptop, and my Galaxy note 3.

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haha I enjoyed reading your listening preferences. I was a basshead myself, but now i'm leading to a more audiophile signature. Enough about me, I have a few recommendations for you. First, I personally own the v-moda m-100. When i first got them, I was a basshead and felt that they had good and punchy bass, but not ear-slammin bass. Now they are the only headphones I use for bass- heavy music because they have a lot of it and it is good quality bass. I've heard the M-audio Q40 has that "slammin-bass" profile that you are looking for, but i have never personally tried them myself. Sony's XB line is known for the biggest bass, that probably why "XB" means xtreme bass! Out of the over ears, I hear the older versions with the king sized ear-pads are better in most cases. These include the sony xb500, xb700, and xb1000. All of these have OUT OF THIS WORLD LOUD BASS!!!:deadhorse: The bass that is bone shattering and earth quaking. Out of the 3 i've heard that the xb500 has the most while the xb1000 has the best quality. I think these headphones are perfect for you except for one problem. THEY ARE DISCONTINUED! They are also very difficult to find for a reasonable price. I would check amazon, ebay, and other sellers. Hope this helps!:L3000:

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The real question is how much bass and how clean etc you want it. A lot of headphones with fairly clean sound have extra bass but not XB500 levels or anything.


If you can find a place to audition headphones see if you can try out Shure SRH840s, Beyerdynamic DT770 or DT990, Sennheiser Momentum, and a few other headphones that are bass heavy but not insanely so. You can EQ up the bass quite a bit on them without distortion, and flatten things out for listening to classical music etc.


At $150 or so, the DT770 and DT990s are good deals on headphones with a bit of extra bass that are super comfortable.

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Beyerdynamic DT 770


They need an amp to truly shine though.

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Originally Posted by TwelveTrains View Post

Beyerdynamic DT 770


They need an amp to truly shine though.

Have a friend with a pair of ATH-M50s and I let him listened to my amped DT770/250ohms. He now cannot forgive me for "ruining" his ATH-M50s.

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Originally Posted by Sxooter View Post

Have a friend with a pair of ATH-M50s and I let him listened to my amped DT770/250ohms. He now cannot forgive me for "ruining" his ATH-M50s.


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Alright, I saw a saw mention the Dt770 as best bass heavy headphones. I'll see where I can can sample them. The XB_500 would be nice but I can't find any under $120.

Listening to the Soul Republic V8-V12, I notice were not only clean sounding but had decent bass. Sure it wasn't earth shattering, but we're good at least to me. Can anyone give me impressions to those? Of course, I love deadmau5 but best buy just had deadmau5 versions for 20$ more than regular V10
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There are plenty of headphones with MORE bass than DT770s. But the DT770s are very clean bass that extends right down to 20hz. Any chance you can find a guitar center etc near you to give it a listen?

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For your $350 budget there are a lot of good choices.

Ultrasone Pro900 can be found used for $250 or so and there isn't a better basshead can made.

Denon D2000 tho discontinued are readily available used for about $300 and are amazing.

Denon D600 is their new model and it has incredible bass.
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Worth mentioning also that DT770 have very subbass focused bass, not so much midbass. I've noticed a lot of bass junkies think they want deepest and loudest subbass possible but then were dissappointed when actually listening to a headphone such as DT770 due to lack of midbass. If you want biggest possible slam/impact, you also need a decent deal of midbass like for example Q40 or Ultrasone Pro 900 carries or the bass monster XB500 or V-Moda LP1 or LP2.

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I agree with rpg wizard

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Well both my kids are bassheads, and they've heard plenty of super bassy headphones and they both asked for DT770s for Xmas after hearing mine. So I think the most important take-away is to listen to them yourself somewhere first. What you like, what I like, and what the other guy likes are all likely to be difference.

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I ended up exchanging my Sennheiser HD335, because they were more different genre. They seemed good in the high and mid range but lacking in bass. I ended up getting the Sol Republic V10, which have a good balance of High, mid, and lows. Everything sounds balanced and the good part is that the bass is pretty hard hitting. I still have 15 days to return it, so Thursday I will go to guitar center and see if they have the DT770. If I like the bass from them, I'll definitely get them. I see certain eBay sellers have the XB500 for around 110-130 but since they have more than 10 and are supposedly discontinued, I'm afraid they might be counterfeit. The problem with the Sol V10 is that they are small cans, so after awhile, they apply to much pressure on the ears.

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