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dt990 pro+Fiio e07k?

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Hi guys Just bought myself my first pair of good headphones and im looking for a good portable dac/amp that I could use with my android and computer. The Fiio e07k looks like a pretty interesting choice from all the reviews that I've read. Would it be a suitable fit for my dt990 pro's?

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Which model of dt990 (ohms)?

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The dt990 pro 250 ohms

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Dunno.. If you don't need the portability of the e7 I'd suggest the schiit vali and some dac
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A little late but I have this combo and they sound pretty good together. The portability and price of the e07k is really what convinced me to get it. When not on the road I use it as a DAC with my Magni and they make the DT 990 Pro sound great.

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