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CIEM or Universal IEM

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I have been happy with the AKG Q701's that I recently purchased, but on a recent trip, I could not justify bringing them so I brought my Klipsch S4's instead.  


Wow, what a difference!  I missed the soundstage and clarity of the Q701's, but enjoyed the renewed bass found in the S4's.


Thus, my question...I was looking at the Westone 3's as an upgrade to my Klipsch S4's.  My concern with that though, is the lack of clarity and soundstage some have spoken of on the forums.


I then started looking into customs (oh what an expensive trajectory) and I found 1964ears.  I was looking at the V3 or the V6-stage (I know there is a big price difference).  


My question is, how does the soundstage of the 1964ears compare to the Q701's?  I REALLY like having a big soundstage, am I going to be losing a LOT?  Also, is the clarity on a similar level?




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I found the Klipsch S4s bassy and muddy - I think they are on the other end of the spectrum from clarity and soundstage. I really don't think you can expect to get the soundstage of the Q701 in IEMs. As far as clarity - that's much easier - and I don't think you need to go all the way to CIEMs. Have you looked though the IEM threads from ljokerl and Clios? Lots of info in there.
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I should have defined better how I liked the S4's bass.  I liked the impact, but as you said, there is an obvious "muddiness" to them.  That is what I wish to avoid.  I would like tight, punchy bass.  Thus, I would like to upgrade the S4's.


I figured that I could not expect the soundstage of the q701 in an iem, but I have read that the custom iems have a decent soundstage.  The problem is, what are they being compared to?  Are they being compared to universal iems, full size, etc.?  A lot of the reviews don't give references in what the soundstages are being compared to.  If you can point me to one that does, that would be great.


I have read a LOT of material on the different iems.  I have read a bunch of the reviews on this thread - among others.  That is one of the reasons I was considering ciems.  If I was going to spend $200-300, why not go all the way and save up a little more?


That's where I am at right now.  I am one that researches like CRAZY before buying anything.  I don't mind dropping $700-$800 as long as it will get me the clarity, bass, and soundstage that I want.  


Thanks for the reply, btw!

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This is a 24 hour bump.


I will break down my options as I see them, but I would like input:


1. Keep the AKG Q701s and use them for at home, while using the Westone 3's on the road.  The Westones seem to be a good upgrade to the Kllipsch S4.


2. Get rid of the Q701s and go for the 1964ears either V3 or V6-Stage (after saving some).  This would give me good clarity, good instrument separation, and good soundstage (albeit not as good as the Q701).  This would also be convenient for portability.


Those are my options at this point.  Any thoughts?

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