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Help with choosing headphones? Or suggestions

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Hi. I hope this is the right forum to post this in I'm new.

So my father is going to buy me a new set of headphones. I already know to stay away from beats, skullcrappy. ETC.

Currently I have an older pair of SONY-MDRV55.

My dad has a bad habit of falling for the industry. He has owned beats and loves monster. >.> anyway, he showed me a pair of BOSE quite comfort 3's now I have heard that BOSE (Bloated Overpriced Sound Equipment.) are bad and not worth the price. I tested then with my iPhone they sounded nice and were very comfy. My dad can get the for $99 but is it even worth it?

I also looked at a pair of SONY mdr 10rnc. I didn't have a choice to use my own music. Instead I listened to the pre set demo music. (Radio pop and hip hop) they sounded nice and had an over ear design which obviously felt nice.

Should I keep get something besides these two? I'm very curious to try Senheiser but any brand will do. I really want something with noise canceling. A nice deep but not overpowering bass comfort would be nice as well.

I usually listen to high BPM,bassy techno. ( Happy hardcore,trance,eurobeat,hardcore/ hardstyle. ETC) I'm open to suggestions I'm also A-okay with keeping my current headphones. Keep in mind I'm only 17 still in high school I can't spend a ton but I do have wiggle room.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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JVC HA-S680 folding on-ear headphones, $81 on eBay.

Should work fine plugged straight into your iPhone.

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I don't know from experience, but I hear that Bose has the best noise cancelling in spite of the fact that this forum generally looks down on their sound quality. If noise cancelling is important to you and you liked the way they sounded, just get them IMO. 

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