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Dear friends,

I beg for forgiveness but my comprehension of electronics is nil ! :-(


I bought a new headphone to my musician son, a German Maestro 8.35D which he really loves (and I also like them a lot).


In about a month it will be his bday and I am planning to buy him a little Sansa Zip and a portable amplifier to complete his "rig" as he travels to and from from his music school.


I have found several people on Ebay (I live in Italy and prefer S&H from within Europe because of the sad steep tariffs for goods coming from elsewhere) stating "their" CMoy is better than all others :-)


Can anyone be so kind to give a look to these few entries and see if they really have better qualities than the others ? (One of them can be used with a transformer too when at home, removing the batteries and this might be interesting).


Thank you very much in advance