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Best drummer all time

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Neil Peart of Rush

Anyone agree/disagree?

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I'm going with Keith Moon, for so many reasons including this...



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It's hard to pick a favourite drummer as i have always held them in such high regard, I even have a used drum stick from a Diamond Head gig from a few years back, tho i do agree Neil Peart is rather tasty on the old skins :)

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I'm thinking John Blackwell.

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Originally Posted by amigomatt View Post

I'm thinking John Blackwell.


great clip

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Originally Posted by amigomatt View Post

I'm thinking John Blackwell.




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great clip


   I can't find what album that song is on, but I feel like I need it in my collection. Very nice tune.  




As for the original question, I do enjoy Neil Peart's work. 

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Tough call cause there are so many good ones but I would have to say Antonio Sanchez.


Speed up to about the 4:25 mark and watch the next minute if you don't want to watch it all.



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I have to throw in Danny Carey from Tool 

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Originally Posted by Autark View Post

Danny Carey from Tool 





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Max Roach

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Originally Posted by JoeDoe View Post



+1 for Buddy...Big Band--Technically in another world (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWrxHP36N1Q)


Rock - Ginger Baker - Cream / Blind Faith (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLQAzrZ4F9c)


Jazz - Joe Morello...kept 'time' for the Dave Brubeck Quartet; not an easy task (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwXjgti7GyY)

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I would have to say john Bonham and Lars ulrich.
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I already mentioned the great Max Roach however I would remiss not to also mention the incredible Elvin Jones - the master of the polyrhythmic drumming. Drumming in which multiple rhythms are played simultaneously. Listen to just about any of Elvin Jones' recordings while a member of the great 1960's John Coltrane Quartet and all with just a standard "jazz" drum set. As I said INCREDIBLE!

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I don't have any favorites.  Drummers come in all different flavors and specializations.


I will throw a few tracks out there with some wonderful drumming for anyone that may find the time to appreciate them.


John Bonham - Led Zeppelin - "Good Times Bad Times": for the amazing series of 2 1/16 note triplets played on a single bass drum (and one pedal) that was astoundingly rhythmic and perfectly played multiple times during this song.




There are so many great jazz drummers out there today and from the past.  Neil Peart, one of my favorite drummers, is certainly not what I would consider to be an excellent jazz drummer.  His solos are fantastic, without any doubt.




As for specialists in jazz drumming; here is a fun song with some great improvisation.  Kris Myers - Umphrey's McGee - "Anchor Drops": The first 40 seconds of this song is one of my favorites for drums. The hi-hat work, along with snare, is absolutely sublime.  Although, everything I've heard from this drummer is just bliss.  He is a music major and has a master's degree in jazz drumming from DePaul University. One of the better drummers, for sure.




Also, not to be left forgotten, perhaps some of the most diverse in style are a few of the session drummers that have not been properly recognized for their greatness.  One such drummer is certainly Jim Gordon.  You probably recognize many of the songs he was banging away on at the drums, but perhaps you were not aware that the man on the throne was a hired studio drummer, called upon when his awesome skills were required.


Here is just a single sample of Jim Gordon's work.




And....Karen Carpenter.  She is a drummer first, and anything else second.  The joy on her face when she held drum sticks in her hands told me that there was nothing she loved to do better than to bang on the drums.






Edit:  One more drummer that I felt needed to be called out is Ringo Starr from the Beatles.  You might think that he was nothing special in his technique or skills; however, if you listen to any Beatles song, his drumming is unique and stands out.  If you were to only hear the drums for any of these songs and nothing else, many could probably still recognize the song.  Ringo played the drums with such musicality.  



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