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IEMS <$315 USD

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Hi all, I'm planning on getting a new pair of IEMS. I currently own a pair of ER4S, but since I want to try something different (i.e. different sound signature), the sound signature does not neccessarily have to bright like the ER4S. However, I am looking for these few qualities, though.
1. A good (big-ish) soundstage.
2. Great imaging and instrument separation.
3. And last but not least, good detail retrieval.

I am currently eyeing the Aurisonics ASG-1 rev 1.3, since I've read many reviews complimenting its big soundstage, good imaging and instrument separation. Any suggestions?

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Maybe consider the Westone 3's? I think that they have great separation and clarity in the highs and lows. I feel that the mids are slightly less pronounced but still have good clarity. The soundstage is vast and best of all the price is half of your budget! Only thing is that they do not have the removable cables like the ASG's..

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Hmmm, unfortunately the W3's cost around 400 USD in my country, damn. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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Did you check on Amazon?
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No, since I won't be buying from amazon :/
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Check out the Final Audio Design Heaven series.
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A great compliment to ER4 are the MDR7550. Many head-fiers do the same.

Read my review on the 7550. Click on the link on my signature.

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