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For Sale: Wanted: ATH-AD2000

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Wanted: ATH-AD2000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

First time posting in here but have feedback on overclock.net http://www.overclock.net/classifieds/feedback/index/user_id/145649


Would love to find a pair in great condition and a seller willing to ship to the US.


Only interested in AD2000, not 2000x


Thanks for viewing!

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Quite alot for a pair of AD2000, I'm sure owners wont mind selling thier headphones at this price
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Lol thanks for the bump, still searching..

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Thanks for the links but as originally stated, I do not want the 2000X version only 2000.

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Since I can't bring myself to sell you mine, I'll point you to this: 

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