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Closed over-ear can in the $75-150 range

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I am interested in a good solid all around setup. This will be my go to set for knocking around the house and when traveling. So, I don't want to sink a ton of cash into them and then drag the things all over the place. Let me give you folks my desired specs and you can chime in from there.




$75-150 price range. This is very firm. 150 in hand is about all I am willing to go for this one. If you advise something more, please let it be a clear upgrade.


Closed and over-ear. I do not have particularly large ears and most sets fit me functionally.


Most of my listening will be done with a small amp (pocket variety). My current is a home made altoid tin job. It will be upgraded soon. This is not always the case. So, it cant need to be absolutely thrashed to perform well.


I am not super sensitive to anything but very shrill treble. If it is sharp on the very high notes, I will hate it. Imagine a Stratocaster vs a Les Paul. I will take the Les every time.


Along those same lines, warmer and deeper is usually better for me unless it starts to get muddy. Clarity is great, and definition is even better, but it often seems to come at the cost of..."feeling". 


Now, I like a balanced sound. Acoustic/unplugged even. Slightly bass heavy is fine. Not necessary, but fine. Treble heavy is less so. Don't like the butterfly effect so much.


This is a BIG one. I absolutely to the depths of my soul HATE those long cords all these things come with. I would very much prefer a moderate length. Or even better, one that can be swapped.


Likewise, I tend to keep and use my toys for a VERY long time. I am still using gear from the 80s in a lot of my hobbies. So, longevity could be an issue.


I don't care if it is ugly, heavy, bulky, or any of that. Weight and size have never been an issue for me.





I have been looking at the Senn HD380 and the ATH-M50. I know the M50 is very popular around here, but that curly cord is going to drive me nuts. I know it will. The HD380 is better in form I think, but I am reserved about the sound. I tried one at a store the other day and it was crappy. Well, to be fair, they were all crappy. Store demos never sound decent around here. They are virtually worthless. It seemed to fit me however.


That should get you fine folks going. Lets see what you can cook up!

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Consider buying a used SRH840 from the for sale board. It's warm and clear, is durable, and has a coiled cord.

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