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I have a cheap laptop that is a few years old. I bought the Vsonic VC02 several months ago and plugged straight into the laptop and thought they sounded okay. I thought it lacked bass (although I was expecting this and was not disappointed), but I did not have any real problems with noise. At uni however, I plugged it straight into a brand new Dell All-In-One system and I thought it sounded significantly better. I have since lost the VC02 and am now looking at buying a new pair of headphones. I think my laptop is a bottleneck and so after a bit of research on the internet I came to the conclusion that I needed a USB DAC. Is this the right conclusion? I do not necessarily want louder sound just better. 

I was thinking on getting Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC and Ultimate Ears 600vi headphones. Is this a good choice?

Thank you 

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