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iBasso DX50 Wallpaper (320x240) Gallery

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Hey guys, 

I thought this thread was necessary for all of us iBasso DX50 owners to share the wallpapers that we made/use for our player.

Please keep the word limit down (If possible), and I suppose it's best if we try to just post the wallpaper(s) (OPTIONAL: With a little title or a few words for a description, etc), and try not to get into any further discussions that may escalate, such as compliments or put downs, where people will tend to reply with a "Thank you", etc. Those compliments can be left in the Thumbs Up Reputation option that Head-Fi has.

All the best, and happy posting! Looking forward to seeing all the wallpapers.

DISCLAIMER: Upon posting your wallpaper(s) in this thread, you are agreeing to allow others to use your wallpaper, and complaining won't be tolerated. 

How To Use Wallpapers on The iBasso DX50 (Step-by-Step Instructions)



  • Have an
iBasso DX50

  • Have a Micro-USB to USB cable.

  • Be on firmware v1.27 or above.

  • Have the desired image/wallpaper of correct size - 320 pixels in width, and 240 pixels in height (320 x 240).

  • Have the desired image/wallpaper in .png format (If not, this can be easily fixed in programs, such as Photoshop).


  1. Boot up iBasso DX50
  2. Connect iBasso DX50 to the computer/laptop via Micro-USB to USB cable.
  3. Select desired image/wallpaper of correct size (320 x 240) and format (.png).
  4. Rename the desired image/wallpaper file to "Wallpaper.png" (NOTE: For Windows 8 users, zzzzero had discovered that it is not necessary to add the ".png" to the end of the"wallpaper" title.)
  5. Copy/Cut and paste the desired image/wallpaper file into the ROOT directory of the DX50. (For those who don't know what this is, it is the DX50 itself, NOT the Micro SD card, SD card adapter or OTG USB/hard-drive)
  6. (Safety) Disconnect iBasso DX50 from computer/laptop.

If you have completed the above steps, then you should have your desired image/wallpaper successfully installed onto your iBasso DX50 player.

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Black/Blue Circuit Board 


Black/Blue Skyline/Cityscape


Black/Blue Earth Surface Curve

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Saturn. (From the highest resolution composite photo ever assembled from pics taken in space. Some guy in Eastern Europe did this. I tweaked the hue to add some color.)


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Black/Blue Space Stars

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My first wallpaper is still working for me.




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For musicheaven. His Female Singer in a smoky blue DX50 club:


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Subscribed, thanks for sharing

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Here you are.

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Here you go. Thanks skybleu

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for those who want minimalistic approach :D

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Some wood motifs


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 92


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some that I just made :)

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I can only say wow, amazing loving this DX50 wallpaper thread smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks @cooperpwc for your wallpaper picture touch up of my female singer, she looks great on my DX50. beerchug.gif
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