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Nearly 10 years ago I got a deal on a set of Shure E2 (I think that's the right one) and while I know they are bottom-end canalphones, they satisfy my fairly inexperienced ears (more experienced with home and car audio, but still mostly just picky rather than actually experienced).  That said, I don't use them much because my ears get all itchy.  Some days are ok for awhile and others not-so-much.  Anyways, if there's a good solution to this, that's great but I am expecting to end up with a pair of sealed circumaural headphones instead.  I know that the best bet is to just listen to various options and get a feel myself but I don't know where nearby I can find any reasonable selection (Hagerstown, MD if you can help here).


So, would anyone here dare to throw out a recommendation?  I have listened to a set of Sennheiser HD280Pro and was not pleased.  Same goes for some $250 (I forget the model) set of Sonys (midrange/vocals seemed flat and distant).  Based only on frequency response graphs I have some interest in the AKG K550 and Denon AH-D2000.  For open headphones I have heard a <$100 set of Grado and they certainly made me grin (though I think, being open, a bit lacking in the bass?  it was several years ago).


These would primarily be used in my cubicle, hence the sealed interest, and circumaural to minimize ear irritation.  Music would range from Nine Inch Nails to Tori Amos on to Dave Brubeck and so-on.  I would expect to end up with an amp but they would start out just running off my Galaxy S3.


Thanks for reading all this and have a great new year!