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sound quality on tablets (need opinions)

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hello i know i may not be in the right place since this is a forums for headphones but, I'm interested in buying a tablet and I'm deciding between nexus 7 and galaxy tab 3 8.0, i have the v moda crossfade lp so i want to know which tablet perfumes better soundwise. if this is not where this post is suppose to be please recommend me a forums or a page where i can get more information



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Hi Jen

So far I know the best sound quality for tablet are iPad series
As iPad 2 came out , it was the best SQ
I have iPad 3 ,4 and now is iPad air
At the moment my iPad Air has the best SQ from all iPad s series

From other brand Samsung SQ is very good too like my Note 3 with Neutron Player

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Someone asked recently what the best tablet was for sound quality. It's still a mystery because all the reviews you read focus on all the other capabilities of the tablet and sound quality relates to the on board speaker(s). As far as I know no-one has yet produced a tablet aimed at audiophiles. There is probably no demand for such a device. Most people at home either have a dedicted hi-fi, stream from their PC/Laptop into a DAC/Amp or use a media player rather than utilise their tablet. Of current tablets I suspect there is not a great deal to choose between premium tablets. Apple's offerings do sound good if not quite as good as dedicated players. If you can stream the digital output from a player all you then need is a DAC/Amp into your headphones. You then have the advantages of storage capacity & battery duration that many portables lack.
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I have the Surface 2 and the headphone out on that seems to be stuck in some kind of Dolby digital DSP processing lingo. It really ruins the body of the presentation and makes everything sound unnaturally airy. I highly recommend you not to use that tablet as an audio source.

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My Samsung Note 8.0 has awesome sound quality and a micro SD slot.

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