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Headphones for $50 or less

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Hello all,


Need some recommendations for headphones around $50 or less.  General usage - media, music, movies, gaming


I'm looking at the JVC HA-S600 ($40).  Any others

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I have the Monoprice 8323 ($23) and the Audio Technica Ath-M30 ($39 on Amazon) to suggest.

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This may be the best sub $50 headphone you can buy today....


Senal SMH 500 ($39.99)



... which is the non-folding, cheaper alternative and based on the SMH 1000 flagship with the same drivers.



but you only have December 31 to make that order

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Here are some other <=$50 cans that get good reviews:


Samson SR850

Audiotechnica AT-M30/M35


Superlux HD681

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I'd say find some JVC HARX700's too...old but still pretty dang good imho! Especially with a decent sound card! An amp helps like any headphone as well.Stuff under the earpads a little bit, I used paper towel. Easy to listen to, it's a semi-closed headphone but does sound pretty damn good even to this day for it's price. I preferred them for gaming vs an open Turtle Beach HPA2. A sound blaster x-fi extreme music really woke this hp up compared to onboard. There are some great USB sound card/amp combos out there that'll drive your sub $50 headphones to the next level.


I have wanted to try the Samsons and Monoprice headphones as well

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