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Sennheiser IE 800

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I'm looking at the Sennheiser IE 800 and wanted to know if these head phones require anything special to get the most out of them?

I am looking at a portable replacement for my iPod to suit these headphones.

These headphones will be my first high end purchase. I'm very much into high quality music and enjoy listening to music at the best quality I can get.


I was looking at a Astell & Kern and wondered if this would be a good option for the best output from high quality MP3 and also the likes of FLAC and other lossless files types.


Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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Can anyone help me out please?

thanks :)

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If you decide AK100 make sure you spend extra on MK2 as the original version has rather high output impedance which is not good for low impedance IEMs. We have entire thread you can read to find out exactly why, but be sure to get the MK2 model. There are other players you could consider like IBasso DX50 however that's up to you to research. 

I'll give you their threads to get started,



Really we cannot make the choice for you, however we can guide you in the right direction, I;m guessing you're also aware there's an AK120 too, it depends on your budget and again some research from you end.


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Thanks for your reply.


I was looking at the AK120 as well. And I will need to consider the price difference.

Will the AK120 be ok with the Sennheiser IE 800?


I do also listen to Reggae (amongst other stuff. I also like just listening to beautifully mastered music regardless to the genre.) which I will be looking for remastered versions of. I know that this is not one of the better genres

when looking to put such high end gear as the chosen listening choice. But with the Sennheiser IE 800 my understanding are great

base reproduction.


I guess testing is the key but where I live they don't have neither the Sennheiser IE 800 or the AK100/120. So I will need to order from Amazon and reply on their returns policy should it not be suited.


But I'm looking for good base reproduction. Not a total kill on the deeps.


Any further help/advice appreciated :)

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I really cannot tell you as I've heard none of the AK players or IE800, I can however send you on your way to start investigating. I recommend posting your questions regarding the synergy in the threads I linked, surely some of our members have paired IE800 with AK120. I can tell you the output impedance on AK120 won't give you any issues, no problem there.

Here's the AK120 thread.
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Thanks again for your help :)


I've also seen the Hifiman 901 which seems to be highly recommended. But if I'm correct has to be ordered from over seas.

So, so far I'm thinking... it's a choice between






I will make a post in the AK120. The more you look the more there is to take into consideration. Which when spending this kind of money is not a bad thing. But usually takes a hella lot longer to come to a conclusion.

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The 800s are very revealing, and like any really high resolution 'speaker', they are demanding of the sound quality of everything upstream of them - good recordings, flac or wav files, player/amp, etc....   the 800s are 16 ohms, which is very low, so the version 2 of the AK is the correct choice, as is the Hifiman 901 - which also sounds very good with the 800s.  


all of these are available in the USA.  



I may sell my 800s, if you are interested - i do have a post in the for sale forum.

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