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New to head-fi and Head-Fi

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Hi Everyone. Am new to this hobby. Was previously into ICE.


Current rig goes like this: laptop dvd rom --> Dragonfly USB DAC --> Schitt Lyr amp ---> Beyer DT880/600


It's still burning in (already 96 hours) but already enjoying the music!


Hope to learn more from fellow head-fiers......

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key things to remember:

enjoy what you do

only spend what you can afford

retain a sense of perspective

have fun

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thanks for the advice! At this moment, these are all I am willing to spend on and thoroughly enjoying my current rig. but when expectations start to rise...... :darthsmile:

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Mine started with a small DAP (IBasso DX-100) and grew somewhat


but I've enjoyed every minute of it and Head-fi has been invaluable.

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Yes, Head-Fi has a wealth of info! Too much to read through though. LOL!


The progression path is a fun learning experience as I found out thru ICE. For head-fi, I have a close friend who started me off so saved a bit of $$. Otherwise, I would have started off with something small as well.

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Hello and welcome. That's a very good set up. Enjoy. What do you like to listen to?


I recommend attend a Head-Fi meet if there's one nearby. If not, try to arrange one on that board. It's a way to meet guys with our audio interests and try out different gear.


PS Which ICE?

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Thanks for the welcome, Claritas!


Yes, the setup is doing itself justice. I picked up the Schitt used but the condition is mint and only less than 50hrs on it. Am defintiely enjoing it. I listen to almost all genres of music, from rock, pop, heavy metal to opera, classical and instrumentals.


I hail from Singapore and recently there was a meet but I discovered it 3 weeks too late. Maybe the next one.


In car entertainment but all audio and no visuals. It was a very interesting and enriching journey. Made some very good and close friends as well.

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Originally Posted by Claritas View Post


PS Which ICE?


Glad you asked, I wanted to ask "what is ICE" but was too embarrassed :wink_face: 

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Sure thing. I don't mind looking a little silly if we all come out smarter for it. (I knew caveman didn't mean the government agency with that name. :D)


Stock car speakers are usually much better than stock computer speakers. So the first time I tried to figure out my preferred sound, I used my car EQ.

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Guess I have grown in this hobby to find out I have no preferred sound signature, really. It all boils down to the overall impression of the sound and technicalities. I thought I was more of the neutral/warm kinda dude (he-500), but then I was blown by the stax lambda signature, which is pretty darn bright and aggressive. My impression is that it isn't worth much to hunt for the perfect sound signature alone. Yet there are a lot of traits I don't like. Peaky treble is one among many.

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@dc, nothing to be embarrassed about. We are here to learn and share which I think is the main spirit of any forum.


@Claritas, the car environment is a very interesting one. At the same time, it is very challenging to get things sounding right.


@davidsh, agree with you. we are still discovering what we prefer while being exposed to a variety of sound signatures. For me, I still prefer to hear the original recording, the way it was mastered and hence, I prefer most of the equipment in the audio reproduction chain to be neutral. That is my belief to achieve good tonality.

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