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I bought myself Aurvana Live! headphones and I am very satisfied with the sound (probably because I am used to really crappy audio). I am noob in audio and I never really cared about sound quality much (or at all). But I noticed huge difference between sound quality if I switch from my motherboard integrated sound card to Samson Go Mic, sound coming from motherboard sounds "flat" compared to Samson Mic output. I have been reading articles here and on google for past few days to learn some basics and as far as I can tell the difference were made by DAC inside the Samson Go Mic (it has USB input and 3,5 output so I believe there should be a DAC inside, right?) which seems to be much better than my integrated sound card chip.


So I figured out if DAC inside a microphone can improve sound so extensively I could buy USB DAC, but I have no idea what kind of improvement can I expect in sound quality. I just figured one of best choices I could make is buying hifimediy usb dac, but it seems like an overkill, because people in comments are using this DAC with much more expensive headphones than I have. USB DAC were my first thought (probably because Samson microphone is kind of "usb dac" too, or works that way...I guess), but I don't really need mobile solution, maybe I should simply buy a sound card, some cheaper usb dac..?


From articles I read here I believe I don't really need amplification for these headphones, or is there some benefit from amplification in sound quality for Aurvana headphones? I don't really like loud sound, even Samson microphone were loud enough for me.


Thanks for any advice you can give me.