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Need advice on LED TV (upgrading from CRT)

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I've been using a 29" CRT TV since 1996 (I think) and would finally like to upgrade to a modern flat panel full HD TV. I have a few questions :


1) Would 32" panel be too small? I mean would the image size be smaller than a 29" CRT for widescreen movies?

2) Are there still image quality issues with fast paced action, especially regarding cheaper models?

3) Any particular things I should watch out for?


I currently thinking about the following models :


Sony KDL-32W670A
Panasonic TH-L32E6H
Samsung 32F5500 


Still not sure whether I need the "smart TV" features though.

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I'd say wait till the 4K Tv's become more affordable.

That's where all the technology will be leaning to in 2014.
Soon standard 1080p resolution will become obsolete.
This article will give you a better perspective...


Here's a list of the current best 4K Tv's out there now. They're expensive. I'm waiting to upgrade too but I'll wait till the cost comes down which should happen by the coming year.

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Or you can wait till 4k is popular, at which point HD will become a lot cheaper.

However, I'm wondering how you survived without an LCD. Is it because you don't watch a lot of movies?

Another point to consider is that nowadays tv programming is one uped by Internet streaming (netflix etc).
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I agree with both of the above comments. If you can just wait a few more months, the whole tv game is gonna change. 

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Thanks for the feedback.


Opted for the Sony as it is significantly cheaper than the Panasonic. It's physically much smaller than my old CRT and image (at least for widescreen stuff) is larger. Watching YouTube (the Sherlock Holmes mini episode) surprised me - no stuttering (which happens when I watch on tablets in the same space), user experience was seamless and easy, and image quality was better than local TV too. Nice.


In terms on TV content, local content maybe be transmitted as full HD but most of the stuff still isn't of high quality (either old stuff produced on standard def or low bit rate full HD). 


4K is nice but totally overkill for a 32" and content is lacking too. So not concerned about that. 

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