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Looking for entry-level headphones suitable for gaming and music

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I already made a post on reddit, but posting it here too to get a few more opinions (I'm a terrible person and extremely picky).

  • Budget: around 100€. Willing to stretch if needed.
  • Source: PC, no amp. Unlikely to buy one in the near future.
  • Looking for headphones that work for gaming, and my music (see below). They don't have to be proper gaming headsets with exceptionally good 3D soundscape or something, they just have to work (I play anything really - csgo, dota, whatevs.) and make my music sound great.
  • Requirements for Isolation: I would actually prefer little Isolation. I'm going to use them at home, and I like hearing what's happening around me. But if there are good closed headphones for me, I'm open for any suggestions.
  • Preferred Type of Headphone: No in-ears, everything else is fine.
  • Preferred tonal balance: Honestly, I don't have too much of an Idea here. I'm not used to good headphones at all, so I won't be able to tell. I probably like a balanced, complex sound. I wouldn't say I'm a basshead, but I like me some bass.
  • Past Headphones:
  • Logitech G35: I hated it. I didn't particularly like the sound, something felt wrong about it. I remember that at the start, the highs felt odd and overpowered. But that diminished after a while (I don't know if I got used to it, or if it "warmed up" or something). The worst thing for me about the g35 was that it gave me headaches, which I absolutely despised.
  • Steelseries Siberia V2: They randomly broke, and I got my money back. If it was not for that, I would still be using them. I loved their comfort. And honestly, I didn't pay a lot of attention to the sound, because it felt fine.
  • Preferred music: I listen to electronic music mainly. Mostly rap and downtempo (I don't know how to call the genre otherwise). Sometimes, I listen to some house or good dubstep too. example 1 example 2 example 3 (i think everyone has an idea of rap or house)
  • Location: Germany.

Note that I don't look for gaming headsets with mics, but for a good headset that will make me enjoy my music more, and is suitable for gaming.

That being said, my absolute priority is comfort. If the headset gives me headaches or is uncomfortable, I'll throw it out the window. Next thing is probably sound quality. Last thing on my list is isolation, looks or flexibility. I also don't listen to music loudly.

The Pioneer SE-A1000 was recommended to me, but I am put off by the split reviews it has gotten. The Grado SR80i/SR60i look kind of uncomforable to me. The AKG K240 is unsuitable for gaming, so I have heard.

If someone bears reading my long post, I would appreciate it 1000 times. I pretty much spent the last 2 days researching (yes, I am very picky).


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Right now, I'm considering a HD518, HD558, Pioneer SE-A1000 or if I should get DT770's for a little more money. (Also, bump)


HD518s seem great to me, I'm thinking about spending the extra 20€ for HD558s.

I've heard a few bad things about the Pioneers, which is why I am put off.

DT770 are supposedly very comfortable and sound amazing, but I am unsure whether the extra money and the fact that they're closed is worth it for my needs. I also heard they kind of require amping.

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