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I am shopping for a wireless headphone... After an intensive research, I have come down to RS 180 and RS 170. 


choosing one between two is just too difficult...  


The price difference between RS 180 and RS 170 is like $40 in Australia... and I feel RS 180 is a better deal. 


But I am concerned that RS 180 might leak too much sound...  There are no shops around to test them so I am purely rely on the reviews from the net. 


My main purpose is Movies and occasional games. Some reviews suggests RS 170 over RS 180 if the intention is for movies.. 


Music for RS 180...  


Some suggests that RS 180 sound quality is far better..  (


then I thought  why don't I have the both if RS 170 headphone can work with RS 180 station.. 


so my main question is Are they compatible??? 


I don't know where to ask...    I hope this is the right place..