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Originally Posted by desiredvoice View Post

That's really cheap XD.


Originally Posted by fiascogarcia View Post

That's a knock out price!  Seems the majority are still going for around $1,700 to $1,900.  Quite a few RWAK's out there too.

At the time I sold mine, there was a vendor selling new 240s on Amazon for 2K. Since my 240 did not include the case, I priced it accordingly. I can see someone getting $1,700 for a mint 240 complete, but I don't think a higher price will attract much interest.

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Anyone has this problem like me?  Basically, I use AK240SS for a few hours with small desktop speaker each day while working.  Then at night when want to use earphone, the timing seem off when switch to listen balance with my earphone.  The music play at like 1.2-1.5x instead of 1x.  At first I thought it is my earphone cable that might cause the problem.  Then, I run some test by using the same earphone and cable with 2.5trrs > 3.5 trs and listen the same song from laptop.  The result is confirm that the music play from balance port is much faster.  It is so strange.  I had to do the "setting reset" and "initialize media scan" to get the normal play timing back.  This is so strange.  Anyone experience this??

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Before this I have been using ak240 and now ak240ss, the only problem happened before is mute when changing album to fast with randomly especially songs with different format wave, flac and DSD.

The rest are fine.
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