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Over-ear closed back headphones for large ears + glasses

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I've always used IEMs because headphones got me frustrated and annoyed in no time flat, every time.

That said I've been getting interested in large headphones that might work for my large ears and my glasses.

I'd like to use them for gaming, some movies, and music ranging from heavy metal of varying subgenres (Tool, melodeath, speed, doom...) to folk, electronic, grunge, and on.

My price range is up to $200 or so and I'd be driving them off an X-Fi at home and a Nexus 4 on the go at times -- I have basic IEMs for when I need to travel light but I'd like to bring these along sometimes. I don't have an amp now and it's something I'd probably look at getting later as an upgrade in the $50-80 range.

First I saw the ATH-M50's recommended. I can get them for $100, but my problem with them is they seem to have rather small cups, easily induce ear sweating, and don't have great soundstage (would suck for FPS gaming).

Then I took notice of the Beyerdynamic DT-770's. Many people say the 80ohm's strong bass can take away from some music, and I'd like to drive them with a simple phone for now, so the 32ohm looks like a good deal despite the 80ohm usually getting higher praises. Would that be a wrong move? Would they work fine for gaming if I EQ'd the bass down, and how would they be for metal and other genres?

The size of the 770's doesn't faze me too much, as long as it provides comfort, as I'm very sensitive to ear-munching.

I've also seen a few others I'm still considering, like the HFI-580, the V-Moda Crossfade M-80, the Shure SRH840, and a few others -- I do think I need closed-back for now. I saw the Sennheiser HD25-1 II recommended but it looks like it has really small cups.

I'd really appreciate any other recommendations or advice on headphones to suit my needs.
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If you do go for the Beyerdynamic's, make sure you get the premium's. The pro editions have a tighter clamp which might not be as comfortable if you wear glasses.


Also you want around-ear, not on-ear; so that crosses out the HD25 and M80's (although the M80s have a very light clamp).


I suggest the K550, I found it to be very comfortable, even for glasses.

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As far as I can tell the Premium line is completely discontinued as far as I can tell.

I'm looking at the K550 now, thanks, as well as the SoundMAGIC HP100.

Edit: Well, the HP100 look very nice. Removable cord, bass less likely to be problematic. That said it's a newer company and a 1 year warranty as opposed to 2, so still leaning towards the 770's. Also they seem harder to drive ampless.
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I have glasses, and I have had the DT880's and M50's. The M50's suck, even without glasses, the earcups are small, hard, and uncomfortable. The DT880 (Pro Version) on the other hand was amazing with the velour earpads, the clamping was just fine with glasses.


I would recommend something with velour earpads, as they see to be better for us four eyes than leather/pleather pads.

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