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EQing bass

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What is the difference between EQing the 125 khz range and the 250 khz range?

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Ok just one more question, how much would the equal loudness equivalent be for eqing down 32khz vs 64khz (minute thing I know, but I have ultra sensitive ears), ie eking down 2 db in the 64 khz range would be equivalent to EQing down how much in the 32 khz range?

I think I know the answer, I think it would be eqivilent to eqing down 8 dbs, as the equal loudness for 32 khz is 1/4th that of 64 kz according to this chart:

But I just want to make sure that's right. Is that right?

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Sorry, I messed up my question by posting the wrong chart. 
According to this chart: the equal loudness for raising 64 hz is 20 dbs less then 32 hz. So since each 10 db interval is twice as loud as the last one, then a 1 db change in the 64 hz range would be 4 times as much of a perceived as a 1 db change in the 32 hz region. Is that correct? 

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Don't think too much about it. Just EQ after what sounds best to you. Also, remember to use the pre-amp slider and turn it down as much as you turn the highest eq-band up.

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