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I need to add some vinyl.

Since I got married and became a wage slave, I don't get to the thrift stores and garage sales, and those sources have really dried up anyway. I'm probably looking for records available new. I like my 30th anniversary DSOTM, so I'm hopeful there are good quality repressing out there of classic records, I just need to know what I want.

My collection is basically Dire Straits, Steely Dan (my favorite band), Creedence, shoegaze, prog (Pink Floyd, King Crimson), and random 90s stuff like Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead.

I'm more likely to sample different beds than collect discographys, unless the band is Steely Dan.

I'm interested in albums that became genre defining.

I don't listen to digital music, so I don't have that source of inspiration for what to buy next. At one time I was real into post -punk and early emo. I thought about going back and buying some of those records, but the sound quality is not a chief value of the genre and my experience is that the pressings are poor quality besides. I love my Pavement and Postal Service records, though, along with many early '00s indie records with decent recording quality and pressings. Anything from that era really holding up well that I should have? I liked Funeral; is Neon Bible really good?

I have Daydream Nation on my list, which i have never heard, along with Isis:Panopticon which I love on CD.