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My first post in this forum but I have read posts in this forum for quite a long time.


At the moment I have Shure SE535 with damper mod. I still think there are better sounding IEMs available.

I decided quite a long time ago that I will buy a very good CIEMs one day.


I THINK that I have made decision to buy Unique Melodys PP6.

Or ... you can convince me to change my mind to choose some other product ....


So how I came to that conclusion:
   My needs: I want audiophile clarity - I don't want overboosted lows. Neutral sound. Analytical.

   I want them to be with a very good external noise isolation - would also like them to wear in aircraft etc noisy environments.
   Music I listen: From classic to pop/rock :) ? Doesn't listen dnb, club ... I wan't lows to exist but like I said before - I don't like artificially overboosed lows.

As in reviews - isolation of UM IEMs does't get max points but I've been told that you just have to ask them to make your CIEM canals slightly longer and wider. Hope this gives me -36db isolation :cool:

And crossover cable is also available now as I can understand.



What else I have looked:
Noble audio Kaiser 10 - as that magical Wizard is behind of it - and reviews are super good - these are at the moment my second option. And to be honest - I'm really a little bit between those two ... :confused:

JH-3A/16 - JH has the best scores regarding to Audio quality and isolation but ... when there's so much bad feedback regarding fit ... that JH can't make CIEMs from your impressions ... I don't want to risk with sending VIEMs back to factory for refitting ... and multiple times. I can understand that I can happen with every company but it seems that with JH it's more like a rule than exception.

Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor - Maybe too custom for me ..?? although I just haven't made my position regarding to that product - somehow it is nothingness in me.

And many others that just have too many flaws for :)


Regarding to material - I think silicone isn't a option as all better IEMs are acrylic only. Noble although offers something but ..


So - if someone has a better ideas what to recommend for me - go ahead - that's why I created this thread.



I'm sorry for a bad grammar :)