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Put my money down...

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OK... finally decided to get some IEMs.  I have done my research and have chosen Astrotec AX-60 as the ones that seem right.  My next decision is were to get them.  I seem to have basically two choices:  Noisy Motel or Chinese company on eBay.  The Noisy Motel price is $399 and the eBay price is approximately $330.  Is there any reason to pay $70 more for the ones at Noisy Motel?  I am willing to pay more for customer service it that is what it boils down to.

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the only thing to rly worry about is whether the ebay selling is legitimate or not. asides from that, the only other costs r shipping and all that.


So if u know ebay is the real deal, i see no reason to hesitate.

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