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I am totally new to this forum. I just got back into listening to genre is guitar blues and r/b. I purchased a fiio x3 and really like it

At present I'm using shure se210 that I bought used.Had them for several months.There o.k but don't fit my ears to well.I have small ear canals.

Can anyone recommend iems that would sound awesome with fiio x3. I'm not heavy bass person. Don't like high treble either. I've been listening

to my fiio x3 all the time.Also, I would like iems to be somewhat light. My budget is roughly 200$.

Love to hear from anyone..



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Hello and welcome. I had SE210 for several years too. Have you tried other eartips (if you're otherwise satisfied with SE210)?


Have a look at On the same site is an IEM comparison table which you can use to search by price and other features such as comfort :etysmile:.


What do you think of X3?

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thanks for replying,


I tried to take them off but they seem to not went to come off. I am by no means hifi techie.I am satisfied with

the unit. I read about the gro7 however, I dont think I would like the wrap around ear cord.Do you know what

would be similar to it. 

The pair that I have now the cord seem heavy and cumbersome to me.


Thanks again

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Try phonak 112 (grey / black filters). Awesome.


If you want something ultra-awesome go the one step further and the phonak 232's will no doubt impress. A 200hr burn in is needed (worryingly large improvement from burn in!).



(plus I think you meant to title the thread 'Newbie!')

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I did some researching and they seem to be a good fit for what I'm looking for.

The price is a little more then i want to spend.

I will be looking for some used ones .


Thanks for your input.


{ I'm so new at this that what I read in the forums sound foreign to me. I am learning slowly }.

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The phonak 112's would be good enough then. Very small, light and perfect for those with fit problems. 


Basically if one is having fit issues with these phonaks, then no iem is going to fit (custom molds might be different).

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