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Need a DAC\AMP recommendation for a DT990 PRo

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Hey everyone


Up until now I've been using the AD700 with a simple on-board sound card and I have decided to take it to the next level. Looking around it seems that there are tons of DACs to choose from so I need help making that decision.

I don't limit myself to any genre of music, I have my periods of Dubstep or Club\House, sometimes I listen to Rock or Metal and often I enjoy 60-70s pop. I even enjoy classical music every once in a while, I don't like to limit myself, I really listen to everything.


I have a funky situation with my AD700. They are sort of broken and I'll be taking them to a repair shop to see if they can repair them. If they can fix them, I'll be buying a set of closed headphones. I've been looking at the DT770 Pro but I don't know what I''ll be getting as of yet. In case the AD700 are completely dead, I'll have to buy another set of open headphones because they're my preference and I just like to have a closed set for situations where there's too much noise around.

My point is, in short, if it matters what headphones I'm using, the AD700 may be replaced.


I'm willing to go up to $200 if it's worth it but otherwise I'd rather it be $150.


Oh and I'm EU so if you link to a US based shop, they need to have international shipping.


Thanks in advance,



P.S. Not sure if its the right place to ask but I read that for the 250Ohm version of the DT770Pro its best to have an amp. Is it worth getting an amp compared to just going for the 32Ohm version?


Edit: Another random question. Does it matter if the DAC is USB or just a digital connection? I figure the onboard soundcard is crap and I'd better bypass it, or am I just talking nonsense? Thanks again for any help.


Another edit: This is the onboard soundcard if it makes any difference:


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So my AD700 are officially dead.

I'm thinking of going towards a DT990 Pro 250 Ohm with the Aune T1 6922.


What do you think? I really loved the AD700, would I be happy with the DT990? I read a lot of good things about them and they seemed a good piece for someone that doesn't want too much of anything but a lot of everything.

And what do you guys think of the Aune T1 as my first DAC\AMP and specifically coupled with the DT990 Pro 250 Ohm?





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