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Laptop Line in (Guitar) signal to headphones?

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This is probably a really silly question and not completely headphone related but I guessed you guys have lots of knowledge on headphones and pc sound?


My girlfriend has a VOXAMPlug Guitar headphone amp so she can play her electric guitar and not disturb anyone. It works fine as she plugs her headphones into the VOX AMPlug and plays away.


What she would like to do is plug the AMPlug output into the line in on her laptop and plug her headphones into the laptop so she can both listen to her guitar playing and tutorial videos or some pc software that 'listen' to the notes and helps she improve her timing.


So is there any way to configure a laptop so the line in signal is mixed with normal PC sounds and output both via the headphone socket?


I can get the guitar sound into the laptop no problem and get the Laptop sound out but not both together!


Any ideas?

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It's not the best connection She's planning to do (guitar directly into laptop could work as well).


Some audio interfaces/onboard audio allows to mix the audio stream and mic/line input (check the audio CP).


One solution could be some recording software where She loads the tutorial video/music and takes the input in there as well.


Virtual Audio Cable (http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm) might work in this as well.

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I was trying to do the same thing, though in my case, I was plugging a 1/4" > usb midi converter cable that comes with the game Rocksmith into my guitar, and software amplification to hear my guitar output from my guitar through my usb DAC>amp>headphone.  Unfortunately, this completely turned off any audio generated from the computer, so I couldn't watch tutorials while using the software amp's output.  Googling solutions, I wasn't able to find an easy solution with what I had on hand but I'd be curious to try again.  

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