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Hi! I'm planning on buying a good pair of headphones to use with my pc, and I've heard very good reviews for the 598, I see they take advantage of the open design, sacrificing the public use, but that's ok for me.  Now, I'll be using these headphones for gaming, but I don't mean shooters like BF3, I usually play RPGs which have orchestral soundtracks or ambient music, I'm not really looking for headphones that let you listen to footsteps or make explosions sound better, I mostly want to take advantage of soundtracks, orchestral music, clashing swords, etc to improve the immersion, also I listen to a lot of orchestral soundtracks from movies and videogames. I see that the bass isn't the 598 strength, maybe it distributes better quality in the medium and highs area?


I'm still very new to audio in general, but I really want some high quality headphones under $200, maybe someone with more experience will point me in the right direction?


Do you consider the 598 are good for what I intend to use them? If not do you have a suggestion?


If it helps here are some links to the kind of soundtracks I usually listen to.


(Opened Way - Shadow of the Colossus Soundtrack)


(3200 Years Ago - Troy Soundtrack)


(Now We Are Free - Gladiator Soundtrack)


(Dragonborn - Skyrim Soundtrack)


Also the 598 are gorgeous! :)