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For Sale or Trade: Sony MDR 1R- Dynamat

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$160 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
Sony MDR 1R- Dynamat

Will Ship To: US

Here are the Sony MDR 1R's for sale; they are in good condition with a couple very minor scratches on the dark chrome part. Make sure to check the pictures, I tried to capture the 2 areas as best as possible. These also come with the box (as in the picture of course) and the 2 cables and the carrying pouch- all of the accessories.



These are the Dynamat Xtreme modded models. If you are unaware of what this mod is, here is a link:

More Impressions:

The Dynamat definitely improves the mdr 1r greatly, but I recently got a KEF m500 because of the increased portability and so I don't have a need for the MDR 1R- It's just been sitting in its box for the last couple months.



Buyer pays shipping I will cover the paypal fees. Drop a PM if interested or wondering about shipping.

Thanks for your time!



JDS Labs C5 + cash on my side

not sure, offer something :)

Generally looking for portable amps or portable amp/dacs 

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still available....

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Would you be interested in a trade for Mad Dogs 3.2 + some cash on your side?

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Sorry, never saw this. I'm not really looking for a headphone as much as money or a portable amp.

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