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Sennheiser Momentum / V-Moda M100

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I listen to a lot of EDM and trance, as well as modern pop 'radio' music and was wondering if either of these headphones would be best in the price range of £250, and which would potentially be better of the two.
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I own both


At £250 quid neither are the best in the price range. I certainly wouldn't even consider buying the M100 at their current price especially when you can get the superior D600 for £199. The M100 where at £180 on amazon a few weeks back and I would say this was a more suitable price but phones like the DT770 best them which you can get for cheaper.


The Momentum are more focused on Mids than the M100 which a much warmer and thicker tone. The M100 are lacking in that musical feeling in the treble and mids but they have great Bass. The momentum are warm and balanced with good bass so they are quite versatile.


For you music taste I would look into(if you are considering others


Denon D600 £199 I  prefer these over both the M100 and Momentum

DT770 £120

M100 if you can get them for £180 but even at that price i'd still pick the Momentum and Denon over them.


If those don't interest you I would get the Sennheiser Momentum at it's current price of £230





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Thanks for the recommendation of the D600s. Are they significantly better than the DT 770s as I actually wasn't impressed with those at all, seemed too 'flat' and not actually very bassy.
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Did you amp them? If the DT770 are not amped they sound flat. Amped with even a cheap £15 Fiio E5 they become one of the most musical, fun and bassy phones out there.


The D600 take what the DT770 does best and does it better. The Bass is very strong, probably one of the strongest bass phones I've heard. it's an upgrade but whether it's significant is up to you to decide, I believe it is. thing is when you get to Midfi many phones are on par and most are just a change of signature. I would class the Denon as upper Midfi and the DT770 around the middle.

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Do you reckon the Denons would need amping when connected to retina MacBook / iPhone, or would the improvements be barely noticeable.
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They are easy to drive so will sound good. Amp them they simply sound better. When amped the bass gets bigger mostly and the sound is bigger.
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