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Amp for NAD HP 50

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Its that time again!


I have a set of NAD HP50 headphones that should arrive at my door on Monday :beyersmile:. I am looking for a portable DAC/AMP that can be used with my laptop, iPhone 4s, and iPod 4th Gen Nano. The primary use of the DAC/AMP will be for these headphones. I would also like to use these with my Monster TPCs. I'm not sure how much I would need to accomplish this cost wise. Can I get something that will work well for this in the $100ish range?

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Did you end up getting an amplifier for your NAD HP50's?  I just got the HP50's and was wondering if an amp would help.  They sound good, but will they sound better with an amp?  Thanks!

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I did. I got the FiiO E12 Mont Blanc from Amazon for $130. I absolutely love it. I run it with the Bass on, Crossfeed and Gain at 0. I didn't notice much change in the mid to high range, but it definitely rounded out the bottom end on these. They aren't like the V-Moda Crossfades with overwhelming bass afterwards; but it is definitely more present and goes lower. The sound just seems much fuller afterwards. I almost never listen to them without the amp anymore.


If you are looking for a completely different sound signature; this amp is not for you. If you want it to add a little bass to the bottom end, and allow them to be driven much louder; this is great. I still believe for less than $600 this is the best closed headphone combination you can get.

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The hp50 is one great headphone, there is no denying it. I dont bother with an amp with mine.. Just hook it up direct with my c4 pro and sit back and enjoy the music.. Absolutely fab
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Paul Barton has stated that a design goal of the HP50 was that it be easily driven by an iPod or iPhone. Personally, I'd trust his opinion over that of any high-end reviewer, be it on Head-Fi or writing for a magazine.

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