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power issues

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I just moved into a new apartment that does not have many outlets, so I had to connect the amp and dac through a power strip, and sound as you can guessed is worse. is there someting i can do that wont force me to brake the bank? 



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A good plan is to connect all the audio equipment to the same wall outlet box or power strip.

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You may want to try DA&T AC filter. I am getting good results with 4 of them for my chain. Set-up can look something like the picture attached, top distributor for computer, bottom distributor for audio equipment:

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'froger' is that 3 AC filters in series????


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I believe the filter works by reducing the EMI interference of the power usage of each audio equipment when they are taping from the same power outlet. And the chinese manual also indicates that noise will be further reduced when you connect two filters in series.
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