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New IEM reccomendation priced $150 or less.

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Good day,

I am in the market for new in ear headphones.

My noteworthy IEM's

VModa vibes

Ety HF5

Radius HP-TWF11 DDM's

JVC Marshmallows


I should mention that I listen to a wide range of music types but prefer Rock and also listen to dubstep, electronica of all sorts as well as some classical and pop.


I like the detail and crispness of the Ety's but love the ability of the DDM's to provide a fuller sound and does seem to respond to whatever a song calls for. If a song has bass the DDM provides full rich deep to lighter touches.  The mids are fluid and not harsh, the Highs are present but not forward or subliant.  These phones are a bit laid back but, to my ears, not veiled at any frequency definitely my go to to IEMS.  (FYI - for on ear's I have and enjoy the JVC-HAS 500B and HAS-400w love them both for different reasons)



I know these two IEM's are different technologies but I bought each when they first came out and know that there has been a LOT of progress in the IEM technology since then.


I am hoping for some feed back.  My thoughts are possibly the HiFiman Re-400 or something like the Sony MDR-ex600.


Feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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Westone 3's are at a great price right now at $160 and to me are worth going over budget for. The lows and highs are prominent and would be suited for your taste in electronic music.  

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^ westones are indeed of GREAT value right now


Also, not sure if you would be interested, but Aurisonics is coming out with a new iem very soon. The MSRP is 250 dollars but the kick starter campaign theyre holding can get you the iems at 99 or 149 dollars.


It would of course, be a bit of a leap of faith, but personally for me, Aurisonics has come to be a company i trust quite a bit and their new product looks very well thought out and very promising :D


Anyways, enough of that. I personally really love the Sony EX iem line and am kind of sad they got discontinued (ofc ive yet to hear the new hybrids) as they really have a great sense of air and a good lower end.


Another option is of course the classic, vsonic GR07 or the Bass Edition of it, if you can find it discounted or possibly used, as theyre generally around 170.

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Sorry for the delay,  I appreciate the input.  I was wondering about the westone 3's and considered the Gr07 bass editions.

I'll have to do some searching I do like the recommendations mentioned.  Would any benefit from being amped? I have an old Lyrix Pro, Pa2v2 and mini3 (doesn't charge but works with walwart or replaced 9v)

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