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For Sale: Bottlehead Crack/Speedball

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For Sale:
Bottlehead Crack/Speedball

Will Ship To: USA

Bottlehead Crack with Speedball

I bought this amp in the summer of 2013, from forum member mikek200. I bought the amp with the intentions of using it with a pair of HD800. However I never bought the HD800. I never used the amp except to test tubes for it, with a pair of Grados.

The amp is in like new condition, it has not been stained, so color is up to your choice. I am the second owner. Here is the link that I bought it from.


I will also include all the tubes that I bought for it. All tubes are nos except for what came with the amp when I bought it. I spent right at $200 on tubes. Tubes that will come with it are listed.

1. Tung-Sol 5998  this tube alone was right at $100. new

2. RCA - 6AS7- 

3. RCA - USN - CRC-6080-WA

4. Raytheon - Black plate 12au7

6. RCA - 12AU7 Clear top

7. Raytheon 12BH7 - 1950's Black Plate D Getter Copper Post

8. CBS - 5963/12AU7 - Black Plate 1950's Foil D Getter 


I am asking $500.00 Plus $25.00 shipping I will cover PP fees. This is a fair price, I paid more for the amp alone, not counting the tubes I bought for it. Oh well my loss your gain, as they say. Price is firm, no trades, no selling tubes separate. If you would like more pictures pm me and I will send you more.

I have a long and positive audiogon feedback you can check, Crankshaft member name.

Thank You

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I think it would have been of general interest to present multiple photos of the interior construction DIY amplifier to have a notion of the same minimum quality of construction ... to begin to be interested? Instead of several photos of the exterior repeating itself, not adding anything to one another ...

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Photos from Mike (previous owner) show a clean building ... the amplifier is dead silent, since the project is even being totally silent? What is the - exact voltage - (written on the transformer) foncionamento of the transformer? 120? correct me if I'm wrong?
Thank you.

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If you change your mind as to send only to the USA, you can get in communication with me if you want.
I live in the state and city of the same name: Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, zip = 22210-050.


1)I have EBAY (USA) with 100% positive feedback.
2) In head-fi I bought a DECWARE CS2 + from Dubai with excellent feedback from the seller to my HD 800.
3) I paid with paypal with verified address.

4) We pay all shipping with tracking number (priority or express mail, usps usa), thanks.

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I pay all shipping, of course. Sorry (tradutor)

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Payment Sent.

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Sold,  payment received !   Thanks Randy

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