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Top 10 Headphones 2013

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Can anyone help me find the top 10 headphones for music. Im into alot of hip hop/dub step music.

If there is a thread could someone link it to me.



 Thankyou so much!!

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I've never heard of a top 10. This might help:

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I am a newbie to this whole world of hifi stuff. I just received my fiio x3 and am looking for some good iem. I listen to guitar blues and r/b

I bought some shure se 210 used and there pretty good. I'm not sure if this is where I post.

range would be less then 200$. 

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Try starting a new thread in this forum. (The tab for that is torward the top of this page.) Give it a clear title such as "Please recommend IEM for blues and R&B sub-$200".
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